Visiting the Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan Peninsula is much more than finding spectacular beaches and discovering the splendid Mayan culture. It means outdoor adventures, on your own, with your family or friends.

Discover with Cancun Passion unique places, ancient sites like the cenotes. The cenotes are natural eyes of water or sinkholes that are located under the earth. During the heyday of the Mayan culture, these were sacred sites but today you can visit and swim in them. In addition to the cenotes, we can take you to one of the best adventure parks for you to fly on a zip line or paddle in canoes.

Book today one of the tours that will take you to experience the natural beauty of the region and the rush of adrenaline in the middle of the jungle.

These tours take you to visit cenotes and outdoors adventures

Tulum and Tankah Park

Tankah Park

Tulum and Cenotes Tankah

Cenotes are magical places and a living connection to the ancient Mayan culture. Having the privilege of visiting them can easily become a highlight of your trip.

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